Education – Higher Ed & K-12 Classroom Design

Creating Spaces that Nurture Creative Learning

The more versatile your classroom furnishings are, the more creative you can be as an educator. If you work in a K-12 classroom, we’ve got an array of solutions for classroom design and redesign, in addition to other options.

Classroom furniture and design for K-12 environments must encourage comfort and focus on the part of youngsters with active, developing minds and bodies. It must also encourage creativity and cooperation among children. Our catalog features a wide array of multipurpose seating and storage solutions, collaboration stations, and size-appropriate furniture for your students, providing the versatility you need to teach creatively.

Style and Durability Make the Grade

Whether you need to design a classroom, a library, a cafeteria, a media center, or a teacher’s lounge, we’ve got the solutions to complete your project. Choose from an array of durable, stylish, and functional pieces that will make your learning environment more efficient and comfortable for educators, administrators, and students.

From traditional chairs and desks, to adjustable-height standing desks, to organizational tools, to media stations and specialized filing cabinets, we provide the furnishings to make your learning environment come together effortlessly, from the main office to the classroom. We will also transform the school’s library, cafeteria, media center, and teacher’s lounge.

Our designs and varied furniture options are not only attractive and innovative, they’re built to last in the educational context, meaning they can take years of abuse while keeping their stylish looks intact. Let us help you achieve the ideal learning environment for your students as well as your staff.

Take Higher Education Spaces to a Higher Level

If you work in a college or university setting and are interested in professional classroom design or classroom renovation in higher education to upgrade some of your spaces, we’ve also got your back. We can introduce you to the newest solutions in the industry, such as height-adjustable desks and tables, a wide variety of chairs and collaborative learning stations, media stations, quiet study rooms, and a plethora of other options to maximize the use of campus spaces. We’ll work with you to create a state-of-the-art learning space in which all of today’s technological options are fully supported, and one in which students can benefit from versatile classroom furnishings that accommodate different learning scenarios.

We’ve also got you covered with furnishings for common areas, cafeterias, recreational areas, break rooms, and lounges, as well as administrative office spaces, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, and specialized learning environments.

The right design can make traffic in a space flow seamlessly, optimizing all activities in that space. Trust our talented team to bring years of expertise in higher education interior design to your project.