Safer and Healthier Work Environments with COVID Interior Solutions by Business Furnishings
Designing a functional office space in the times of COVID-19 is no easy task. Together, we can explore strategies to redesign your workspace in an economical way that boosts creativity and teamwork, while also maintaining new safety and social distancing standards for a work area in the wake of the Novel Coronavirus.
From assembly lines and laboratories to reception areas and education rooms, we want to help you and your team stay safe while being collaborative and productive. As always, when faced with ever-evolving employee needs and work environment standards, we take pride in designing new layout options and features that best support your team and your goals as a business.
Safeguard Your People and Your Business
Investing in COVID-19 safety precautions means protecting the well-being of your clients and staff while ensuring your organization’s economic resiliency. The experts at Business Furnishings offer cost-efficient and innovative workplace solutions to fit your needs. Our team includes seasoned professionals in interior design, audio-visual technologies, and flooring that are ready to help you adapt – no matter your industry.
Business Furnishings can equip your workspace with scenes and panels that separate shared work areas and provide barriers that can be adjusted with ease. Some of our protective barriers include:
  • Separation screens that come in clear or opaque plastic with optional cutouts.
  • Ther-Mobile screens to provide a mobile temperature check station with an optional thermometer cut out.
  • Bio Canvas dividers for protective separation with natural styles like moss, bark or stone.
  • Wellness screens for front desks can be affixed with clamps, surface mount, under mount, or simply freestanding.
  • Desk Sheilds can be clear or frosted and stand freely on a work surface.
  • Hitch Workstation Privacy barriers are a freestanding solution for shared desks.
Everyone benefits when you are able to prioritize safety and comfort with flexibility in your furniture arrangements.
Surface Materials:
Ordinary fabric materials can be difficult, or impossible, to sanitize regularly as recommended in the age of COVID-19. That’s why our fabric partner, DesignTex, offers bleach treatable fabric and upholstery materials in seemingly endless texture and pattern options. These products are able to withstand frequent cleaning with high-grade disinfectants and surface cleaners.
Use of Space:
It’s imperative for clients and employees to keep a minimum of 6 feet apart whenever possible. Reduce occupancy in shared spaces by removing desks, tables, and seating. Turn workstations to prevent face to face orientation in seating layouts. Add screens, storage elements, or plants to use as space division. Use boundaries and barriers on all exposed sides when appropriate social distancing is not possible. Create aisles and one-way traffic patterns to further avoid face to face exposure.
Our digital signage solutions can provide easy access to company information or COVID-19 safety updates without needing to print and post physical messages. We also offer Tauri all-in-one infrared temperature sensing tablets for contact-free temperature checks. These tablets can be monitored remotely and provide alerts when an individual is running a high temperature from one meter away.
Contact us today to learn more about how we work with you to create a cohesive workplace in a post-COVID world.