Entertainment & RelaxationPlay Time!

We all know the old refrain that life cannot be all work and no play. As a society, we spend more time at our workplace than almost any other place in our lives. For many, a workplace is also a place of social interactions in which lasting friendships are formed. Why not make it fun to be at work? In fact, it’s been demonstrated in studies that having fun at the workplace makes people more productive, reduces burnout and stress, and decreases absenteeism. Also, a team that gets the opportunity to enjoy playing together will find it easier to unite when it comes to working hard together on a project or mission.

Taking a quick break can be an opportunity to create a bit of fun and relaxation for employees. This way, they can return to their desks fully recharged and feeling more creative and productive. Taking breaks is known to boost brain power and improve company morale.

Our team has a few tricks up their sleeve to help you furnish your break rooms, lounges, lobbies, and other common areas with furnishings that encourage your team to rest and relax, and maybe even entertain their inner child. Let us show you our ping-pong/conference tables that do double-duty as tools for work and play. And if you really want to play around on breaks, at lunch, and after meetings, we’ve also got pool tables, foosball, and shuffleboard. These amenities can get your team’s adrenaline going and keep their minds and bodies from taking a lull during that afternoon slump.

For those that just want to relax and take it easy while on break, we’ve also got audio-visual options such as TV and music equipment to provide relaxing entertainment.

The Power of a Power Nap

In addition to playing, your team may also need occasional opportunities to be alone and get some genuine rest. Depending on the intensity and stress-level of your workplace, it may boost office morale and productivity to provide isolated relaxation spaces or nap pods so team members can get away from a busy office and take a quick power nap when needed. You’ll see an increase in productivity and decrease in absenteeism by providing this valuable option and consideration to your team members. It’s worth your while to invest in a more rested and relaxed staff.