Furniture Delivery, Assembly, Installation

Delivery Truck

Leave the Hard Labor to Us

Your job is to envision the transformation. Our job is to facilitate the design and deliver it, build it, and install it.

Once you’ve settled on the new design and layout for your office or workspace, it’ll be time to sit back and relax, while our skilled professionals do the job they do so well: transforming your work environment.

When we arrive at your workplace on the day of furniture delivery, our crew will do all of the required heavy lifting, making sure every item is delivered safely to your space. We will also assemble and install every single item according to the design plans. We will painstakingly unpack each item and make sure that every piece of furniture – as well as any ancillaries such as artwork, partitions, and office equipment – is accounted for, and that everything arrives in excellent condition.

Let Our Professionals Handle It

Our team is highly trained in every aspect of moving, assembling, and installing your new office décor. We’re devoted to taking great care at every step of the process, whether we’re installing only one new work station, or whether we are there to transform your entire workspace. Our crew members have extensive experience with packing, moving, storing, delivery, and handling of even the most delicate and complex items in our product line.

Our assembly and installation crews are familiar with each piece in our catalog. They know how to assess the condition of a piece upon delivery, as well as how each piece should look when finished. They also know how to install each piece so that it is fully secure. Our team will make sure that every feature of every item – including such things as desk drawers, hinges, and wheels – is functioning properly. This ensures that you and your staff can get right back to work once we finish installing.

Watch Your Vision Come to Life!

Our crew will also clean up after the delivery and take away all the old furniture that you are replacing. Whether you want us to store it for you in our facility, or you’d like us to donate it to an organization in need, we’ll take it away, and it will be one more thing you won’t have to ever worry about. Our crew will make sure that your space is fully transformed so that all you’ll have to do is enjoy seeing your design vision come to life.