What We Offer

The dreams are on you. The details are on us.

Experience Planning with a Personal Touch

We’re here to help your dreams for your office see the light of day. So whether you’re fantasizing about a new office layout, or a new table in your lounge that doesn’t tilt when you lean on it, we’ll get you there. Take a look at our range of services, then get in touch to let us know how we can help you achieve your vision.

Design, space planning, and additional services:

Needs Assessment
Your furniture won’t change every day. Often, the furniture and design you choose stays in place for years, or even decades. That’s why we start every project by taking the time to listen to your needs and goals for everything from the style of your space to your office culture. We’ll take note of what you need to do your job well, stay mindful of your budget, and ask you questions that will help us introduce you to options you may not know you have.
Design and Space Planning
How does your existing space affect your workflow, and how could we make it better? We’ll dissect everything from your carpet and wallpaper to the number and size of your meeting spaces. The end result? A space layout that is built to maximize comfort, efficiency, and flexibility, revolutionizing the way you work.
Work Process Evaluation
Observation is one of our most useful tools that helps us understand what’s currently happening in your space. Our surveys and video ethnography allow us to analyze the daily obstacles your team encounters while revealing less obvious needs that significantly impact your workplace environment. This evaluation informs any design and space planning we do for your space, making every decision we make intentional.
Renderings and Fly Throughs
Imagining your completed space can be difficult when all you have to look at is a 2D drawing. As you go through the design process, we can help you envision your new space with 3D renderings and video fly-throughs. That way you can get a full picture of the plan before its completion.
Project Management
Put the details in our hands and take the worry off of your shoulders. We’ll coordinate with your other vendors to make sure everything that needs to happen during your project, happens as planned. It’s a seamless integration between our process and yours, so everything is accounted for and no details are left unattended.
Asset Facilities Management
More than 10,000 feet of our warehouse are devoted to asset facilities management. When you trust us with your existing assets, we inventory every item and store it in our space. So whether you’re scheduling a move, or looking for someone to hold on to your extra pieces until you need them, we’ve got you covered.
Delivery and Installation
Let us coordinate your delivery and installation dates to match your timeline. Our team will make sure every piece in your order is accounted for, laid out, and installed according to the design plan we created for you.
Moving and Reconfiguration Services
Moving doesn’t have to be a pain. Whether you’re going to a new building or reconfiguring your existing space, we can tear down, inventory and store, or simply move and reinstall your furniture.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Furniture needs regular attention and care to reach its full life expectancy. Our crew will come give your office furniture a tune-up so squeaking chairs, dead wheels, and unsightly upholstery are taken care of before fixable problems become permanent.
Customized Service Agreements
Create a custom service package with us that fits your timeline and needs. Popular service agreements include regular, scheduled maintenance, reconfiguring, and more. Talk to your Business Furnishings representative for more information.
Disposal of Existing Furniture
Let us give your old furniture a new home. We’ll look at all your existing pieces to see what can be recycled before we resort to a dumpster. We’re often able to donate reusable products to places and countries in need, giving your former furniture new life with people who will appreciate it for years to come.
Audio And Visual

Turnkey furnishing solutions are our specialty, which is why we partner with Focus AV to provide our clients with audio and visual services that integrate furniture and technology. That means when you walk into your space, the audio and visual components are installed, wired, and ready to go.


Our goal is to handle as many of your office redesign needs as possible. We partner with Infinium Flooring so we can coordinate furniture removal, installation, and move-in dates, allowing us to avoid confusion, frustration, and unnecessary errors. Our design assistants will help you find flooring that supports your entire space. Then, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we make your vision for your space come to life.