Open-plan FurnitureRoom to Spread Out

The new contemporary open-plan office design that has recently come into vogue cultivates a social and friendly office culture that can benefit many workplaces in a wide variety of industries by having all team members working together in the same space. Depending on what industry you work in, and the nature of your team’s daily activities, your staff may benefit from working in an open-plan office space. This plan allows team members easy access to one another, and activities are carried out transparently for the benefit of the entire team. If your business could benefit from working in an open office, we’ve got an array of architectural products and open-plan design solutions to help you achieve an open space that’s efficient, versatile, and comfortable for all of your team members.

Striking a Good Balance

While open-plan areas naturally feel inviting because they’re spacious and airy, it may be tricky to provide adequate levels of privacy and quiet space for your staff in a setting like this. Our team can recommend novel ideas for distributing your space, and show you how you can partition off areas of your open-plan office using work walls and panel systems that allow for quiet areas of increased privacy and diminished distraction.

Our team understands the options that we have available, and we’ll also get to know your team. We’ll recommend space division and architectural solutions to create a workspace with the perfect balance between open office and enclosed spaces for specific functions or activities. With options such as storage islands, panel systems, open cubicles, and benching applications for alternative seating solutions, you can create an open office plan that is inviting and comfortable for employees as well as visitors who frequent your space.

Save Money and Maximize Space

Choosing an open-plan office layout may also prove to be more economical than a layout that includes a lot of partitioned areas, walls, and such things as separate lighting for each section, as all of these things can cost a lot of money. By choosing wisely which areas will truly require cubicles or partitions, and which areas will work better as open spaces, you may effectively save on such things as lighting, since light travels further in open spaces.