Furniture Storage and Office Moving

Furniture Storage

Trust Us to Store Your Valuable Office Assets

Whether you’re moving your business to a new office, transitioning between office spaces, taking a temporary leave of absence, or simply redesigning your workspace, there may be reasons that you may need to store furniture and other valuable items temporarily for varying periods of time. That’s just another of the many things we can do for you.

We can keep your assets safe in our warehouse in the North Central Indiana and South West Michigan area, which has over 10,000 feet of space allocated to asset facilities management for our clients. We protect your furniture and other assets by keeping a detailed inventory of every item we store in our climate-controlled warehouse.

Trust us to keep your office furniture and other valuable assets safe until you and your organization need them. Our team will even come to your location to uninstall your items, pick them up, and take them to our facility for you. Once you’re ready to pull your stored assets out of storage, we’ll be happy to bring them right back and reinstall them for you once again.

Take the Stress out of Office Moving

While many people love the idea of relocating to a better spot, you may also dread the thought of moving, particularly when it’s your business or office that needs to move, given all of the logistics that go into relocating your place of work and the time you’d have to spend on that.

We understand how stressful moving can be because of the downtime that you may incur while doing it. We make moving less stressful for you by handling essential details, negotiating with vendors on your behalf, and strategically scheduling furniture removal and delivery to make the transition as smooth and streamlined as possible for you and your staff.

We make office moving a simple and quick affair, whether it’s a simple swap-out of old furniture to be replaced by new pieces, a full office redesign to give your workspace a full makeover, or your business is planning to relocate to a whole other building.

Don’t Worry – We’ll Handle It!

Our team will arrive prepared to help make your move as easy and trouble-free as possible. Our professional installers will tear down and pack up existing furniture. We’ll get rid of that old furniture for you, and depending on your preference, we will either inventory those assets in our storage facility for you, or we’ll simply haul them away and install your new furniture in their place. In many cases, we’ll even handle recycling your old furniture by donating it to someone who may need it, either in another office or in another country!