Ancillary & AccessoriesBeauty Inspires

It’s no secret that a makeover makes everyone feel more inspired!

Rewarding your staff by surrounding them with tastefully selected items that beautify your workplace can prove to be rewarding for you as a team leader on many levels. Working in a space that’s beautiful and well-organized not only makes your team more productive, it can also be an inspiration to come up with new and innovative ideas and solutions to routine problems at work. We can help you select the right touches to pull your space together in just the right way, while still honoring your office redesign budget. Special touches such as artwork, as well as window dressings, rugs, pillows, and lighting can make all the difference in how optimistic, creative, and inspired your team feels while at work.

Simplify Comfort

If you want to maximize productivity, maximizing comfort must be a priority. A common coping mechanism for dealing with uncomfortable situations is to escape them, either physically or by letting our minds wander. People who work in uncomfortable environments have more reason to take time away from their desks and daydream while at work. Ensuring their maximum comfort also ensures maximum productivity for your team.

Sometimes, it’s things that aren’t immediately obvious that make the difference between someone feeling fully comfortable at work and something being just a little off in the workspace. When we come to observe your workplace, we can identify and point out those little things, and help you resolve them.

You can make improvements through such things as signage and way-finding tools to help your staff and visitors get around more easily. Details that may appear minor, such as footrests, may prove to make a significant difference in your team’s comfort level. Trust our experienced team to help you with all those details.

Save Time

There are many ways to improve workflow that we can help you identify and resolve. We provide an array of time-saving tools that streamline your work process and provide productive shortcuts for everyday tasks, such as chalkboards and markerboards, mobile screens, keyboard trays, and monitor arms. Forgot something? Our team will probably think of it. Remember, we’ve been doing this for years.

Keep it Clean

We’ll also provide tasteful and efficient waste and recycling containers to keep your office or workplace organized and clean, making it easy to concentrate on your business priorities.