Architecture & Space DivisionNurture Your Company Culture

Your company culture or workstyle is influenced to a large degree by the way your office or workspace is set up. Does your team require an open floor plan in order to facilitate collaboration throughout most of the day? Or would your staff work more comfortably with partitions that allow everyone some privacy? Do you prefer frequent interactions while working, or would you benefit more from creating separate areas in which employees can congregate during breaks or meetings?

Our team can make key suggestions on how to achieve the office culture that you want to nurture at your workplace by selecting the architectural and space division tools to make it happen. Whether you envision a large, open floor plan, or you want to partition off individual offices, we can help you transform the architecture of your space.

Reimagine Your Space

Architecture and space division products can significantly transform your workspace. These products are designed to give you full control of your office space and layout, allowing for a fully customized design. Our design experts can help you tailor a floor plan that optimizes your space and improves your team’s comfort and productivity by simply making the space more efficient.

Space division is an area in which you can let your imagination run with bold new ideas that provide real solutions and improvements to your workflow, while also providing versatility for a growing business. Space division products, which include such things as partitions, screens, and work walls, as well as cubicle arrangements, let you customize floor plans and office layout, making the most of your physical space.

Take Your Office Design Plan to the Next Level

Create a balance between open spaces and smaller, more intimate environments for handling small meetings or transactions using a variety of options for space division. Use a work wall to improve workflow and performance by sectioning off large open spaces into smaller areas designed for specific functions. Partitions and work walls will also help to mitigate sound from traveling across open spaces in order to diminish interruptions and distractions in the workspace and provide a quieter overall environment.

Up the level of elegance a notch by installing translucent screens to section off private offices and areas that require privacy. Create cozy cubicles that provide a balance of privacy while making it easy to access nearby team members when needed.