A Welcoming Reception

When guests step into your establishment, be it a restaurant or a hotel, their first impression determines how they’ll speak about your business to other potential guests. The quality of your furnishings will be seen as a reflection of the hospitality that you offer.

Our hotel interior design team will closely observe your hotel, the activities that take place there, as well as the behavior and preferences of your guests and patrons. We’ll note what is most important to them, as well as what’s most important to you and your staff in order to provide the highest level of service for your visitors.

The Details Make All the Difference

Details speak volumes when it comes to comfort and relaxation in the hospitality industry, particularly if you are accommodating a large volume of business travelers who need to work comfortably in hotel spaces. Selecting the perfect ancillaries and accessories for your space can make all the difference in how patrons perceive the environment you create. Ancillaries and accessories such as artwork, signage, window treatments, lighting, textiles, and indoor and outdoor furniture leave an indelible impression on your guests that determine whether their experience was fabulous or a flop.

Our hospitality interior design team has loads of experience designing spaces in the hospitality industry that are both beautiful and functional, comfortable and dynamic, classic and versatile. We’ll sit down with you and learn about your priorities and goals, and help you create the impression that you want your guests to take with them after visiting your business.

Let us help you coordinate the finer details of hotel room design by recommending top of the line window treatments and textiles, as well as furniture that embodies both classic and contemporary elegance and comfort.

Make Meetings and Conferences More Fun

Through details such as lighting and textiles, and classic furniture that maintains a timeless elegance, we can help you design hospitality spaces that are versatile enough to serve a variety of activities. We’ll also help you design rooms for more strictly defined purposes, such as spa therapy rooms, common lobby areas, and meeting rooms, as well as private guest rooms. Our goal is to help you make your guests enjoy feeling pampered in every area of your business.
We’ll also help you add surprises to improve the visitor experience and ensure that your guests will come back and recommend you. How about, for example, a conference table that turns into a ping-pong table so that conference participants can let off some steam after an extensive day of seminars and meetings? We also provide other recreational furnishings such as pool tables and foosball tables, as well as tabletop shuffleboard.