What is office design and layout?

Office design refers to how you set up your office or workspace, what furnishings you use, and how you divide your space. Office design also includes accessories, such as lamps, pillows, rugs, and artwork, as well as signage to help visitors navigate your space. Office design can extend to any area of your workspace, including break rooms, snack bars, and outdoor areas.
Why is office design important?
When an office is cluttered, poorly laid out, and disorganized, team members will waste valuable time completing simple tasks, which causes frustration and damages office morale, increasing employee turnover. Studies have shown that working in surroundings that are attractive, functional, and comfortable makes people more productive, while also improving satisfaction and company loyalty among workers.

Can office design affect productivity?

Scores of studies have been conducted, and dozens of articles published, on the impact of office design on employees’ overall health, well-being, happiness, and productivity. In every case, research points to such key elements as lighting and ventilation, the ability to move around a space without interference, and efficient organization, as factors that affect how employees feel and how productive they are at work.

Can office design affect company culture?

As office design has evolved, corporate culture has evolved along with it. As the early 2000s saw the rise of open floor plans, workplaces increasingly became more informal. By about 2015, companies saw the need for ways to keep workers more engaged by helping them feel more relaxed and more connected to co-workers. This brought a wave of ping-pong and foosball tables to offices around the country. Employers soon saw improved morale and productivity upon implementing these informal office policies and redesigning their workplaces to reflect a more relaxed and playful attitude towards work.

How often should I redesign my office?

It’s a good idea to think about redesigning your office whenever you move, merge with another company, or have a major expansion in staff, or when your company or business incorporates new functions or activities, as you will need to accommodate new furnishings to support those changes. A redesign is also a great idea if your office furnishings are uncomfortable, cumbersome, or outdated, or you simply want to improve comfort and productivity among your staff.

Can redesigning my office save me money?

Office design can make a dramatic difference in your bottom line. By boosting efficiency and productivity, redesigning your office may actually help you to save as well as to earn more money over the long term.

How can I get assistance with buying office furniture?

Our seasoned office design team is ready to assist you with all of your office design needs.