With an estimated one-third of people’s lives spent at work, it’s critical to build an office space that accommodates all components of your employees’ work styles–both when they’re at their desks and when brainstorming and meeting with fellow workers. We at Business Furnishings understand this and incorporate industry research into all of our designs to maximize employee productivity, satisfaction and learning.

Today, our expert team discusses how to build a workspace for your employees’ learning, collaborating, focusing and social spaces–and our recommendation for the best Steelcase products to make it happen.

Find Time–and Space–to Focus 

As innovators in the modern workplace, we are thrilled to see an emerging trend in collaborative workspaces. However, finding time to focus on tasks and having access to private spaces for video calls, conference calls and individual assignments is still of utmost importance.

For your employees who enjoy quiet and solitude while working on projects and require more personal space, use office furniture to create a designated area where they can find the privacy needed to thrive. With modern designs from Steelcase, this is possible even in an open floor plan.

Our Top Steelcase Recommendation: Whimsy meets practicality with the Pod Tent, an affordable, moveable and distraction-limiting privacy solution. Add a touch of professional fun to your office design with this playful pod.

Create the Optimal Learning Space

Any wise business leader knows that learning is far from over after employees graduate from school. Continuing education is fundamental for succeeding in the modern workplace, and our team builds learning spaces that encourage intellectual growth, challenge and stimulation among your team.

Show your employees you care about their education by developing an in-office learning space accommodating different learning styles and placing just as much focus on education as work projects and meetings.

Our Top Steelcase Recommendation: Make use of limited space by implementing the Steelcase Flex Collection. Use these tools for both work and learning, all in the same space.

Space for Collaboration is Key

No office is an island–and in the modern workspace, no employee is, either. Collaborative spaces help your company find innovative, fresh new ideas for problem-solving and strategizing. In our own research and industry analysis, we’ve found that teams who feel inspired and invigorated by their workplace are far more productive than those who do not. Use your furniture to both spark creativity and build a comfortable environment for collaboration.

Our Top Steelcase Recommendation: Comfort is key in a collaborative space. Give your employees a range of chairs like the Embrace Lounge Chair so they can enjoy a change of scenery from their usual desks.

Save Room for Socializing

For some extroverted employees, working from home came at the cost of socializing and getting energy from the workplace. No matter if your team identifies as primarily introverts or extroverts, though, there’s no denying that incorporating social aspects into your workplace increases employee happiness and engagement–which in turn increases productivity. As such, your office should include designated spaces for gathering and socializing.

Our Top Steelcase Recommendation: Foster friendship in the workplace and give your employees a place to sit and catch up, like the Paste Sofa Series.

Looking to Build the Best Office for Your Team?

Our innovative team of designers, account managers and furnishing professionals at Business Furnishings are ready to design your ideal office space. Through our partnership with the globally recognized furniture designer Steelcase, we offer the leading options for office customization and efficiency. Explore the full Steelcase collection on their website, and contact our Business Furnishings team for more information about creating a beautiful, welcoming office space your employees appreciate.