Here at Business Furnishings, our team of in-office staff and our innovative dealers help teams achieve their vision of a healthy, productive, creative office space. Today, we consider five major tools to modernize your workplace for a post-pandemic workforce–and how to incorporate the valuable lessons we’ve learned during this time moving forward.

Tool #1: Plenty of Private Spaces

Today’s employee values their privacy as much as they value having space to mingle, collaborate and meet with their colleagues. While physically the layout of your office may not seem like it has many spaces for seclusion, office features like Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces allow members of your team the privacy they want for individual work while maximizing your floorplan. This is excellent for employees who thrive in the comfort and limited distractions of work-from-home, making it a strong feature to introduce for teams returning to the office for either hybrid or full-time model.

Tool #2: Desks that Move With You

People simply aren’t standing or moving around enough in the modern workplace–in fact, an estimated 50% to 70% of adults spend most of their day sitting and putting themselves at risk for back, neck and repetitive stress injuries. Promote the health and wellbeing of your employees by introducing solutions like Steelcase’s Ology™ height-adjustable desks. This smart desk both moves with workers so they can sit and stand, and provides gentle prompts throughout the day when workers have been in one position for too long.  

Tool #3: Spaces to Work Together

Collaboration is key for success in today’s workplace, especially among Millenial and Gen-Z jobseekers. For an ever-changing workplace where team members are often working together and moving around the office, options like Steelcase’s Flex Collection give teams the ability to rearrange the office as the situation demands, whether it be for a meeting, project or brainstorming session. In particular, the Flex Height-Adjustable Desk allows employees to maintain their own space while also merging into a collective unit as needed for assignments. When looking at the overall layout of your office space, make sure to prioritize designs that give employees spaces to gather together for both work and moments of relaxation.

Tool #4: Office Furniture that Promotes Productivity

At Business Furnishings, we know that when life and work become too predictable, a lack of motivation may set in. Creating spaces that inspire both productivity and creativity is essential for your workspace, and utilizing the research and products of a data-driven company like Steelcase helps us build workspaces that accommodate your workflow and culture. When selecting furniture–and just as important, furniture layout–choose comfortable pieces your team organized in a way that provides a warm, welcoming environment that feels like home.

Tool #5: A Commitment to Flexibility

Steelcase recently partnered with Access Living CEO Karen Tamley to evaluate how the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted companies to consider the benefits of remote work for employees with unique circumstances and needs. To truly modernize your workplace and make it a place where new talent feels accepted, valued and comfortable being a part of your office culture, make a commitment to flexibility and inclusivity. Allow accommodations like work-from-home as needed by circumstance. 

Looking for Furnishing Solutions to Modernize Your Workplace?

At Business Furnishings, our innovative team of designers, account managers and furnishing professionals are ready to design your ideal office space. Through our partnership with the globally recognized furniture designer Steelcase, we offer the leading options for office modernization. Explore the full Steelcase collection on their website, and contact our Business Furnishings team for more information about creating the beautiful office space your employees desire.