With employees returning to the office after working from home for two years (or more), employers must ease the transition by bringing a bit of home into the workplace. Beyond candles, snacks and coffee–which are all excellent touches–you need to make your space feel as comfortable and home-like as possible for your employees–especially those reluctant to return to the office. Here are our expert suggestions as design professionals.

Make Work Comfortable with an Ergonomic Seat

Employees already sit far too much during the day and often aren’t in a seat that properly supports their bodies. Choose chairs that prioritize ergonomic wellness and comfort, like Steelcase’s sustainable Karman™ chair. This chair is expertly designed to alleviate any pain from sitting all day and gives your staff some relaxation while at the office.

Bonus Tip: 

If you’re worried about your employees sitting too much during their workday, our Business Furnishings team recommends exploring Steelcase’s Ology™ height-adjustable desks. This ultra-modern solution allows for both sitting and standing.

Provide Privacy with Quiet, Accessible Spaces

Many employees enjoy working from home because it has a level of privacy and quiet that the office sometimes lacks. While working in a collaborative space where employees can easily talk and exchange ideas definitely has benefits, it can distract other employees who need to intently focus on a project. Empower employees to choose spaces that work best for their concentration. We recommend investing in features like Steelcase’s On the QT Phone Booth, which gives additional space for taking calls, focusing and thinking.

Build Familiar, Welcoming Common Spaces

When creating common spaces in your office, draw inspiration from places like your own living room, dining room and family room. This will immediately put your employees at ease, as they recognize a familiar environment usually associated with relaxing, warm feelings.

Looks Aren’t Everything–But They Definitely Help

Aesthetics matter for employee comfort just as much as furniture. The decor you choose for your workspace gives the office personality and helps set the general tone among employees. After working from home in their own specially-designed, personalized spaces, employees want to see unique decorations around the office that remind them of home. At Business Furnishings, we consider the overall aesthetic of a room just as much as we consider efficiency. From cozy rugs to ambiance-setting lights to creative artwork, we believe office design accessories are a fundamental component of design.

Variety is the Spice of Life–and Your Workplace

According to Steelcase’s research on the post-COVID workplace, providing your employees with different seating options–like couches, stools, standing desks and lounge spaces–promotes workplace health and wellbeing. This allows employees to vary their sitting patterns throughout the day and find the postures that are the most comfortable. For an employee who alternated between their desk, couch and kitchen table while working from home, this is especially comforting and familiar in an office environment.

Looking for Ways to Bring a Piece of Home to Work?

Our innovative team of designers, account managers and furnishing professionals at Business Furnishings are ready to design your ideal office space. Through our partnership with the globally recognized furniture designer Steelcase, we offer the leading options for office customization and efficiency. Explore the full Steelcase collection on their website, and contact our Business Furnishings team for more information about creating a beautiful, welcoming office space your employees appreciate.